Control Box-Feeder Terminal Unit

The feeder terminal(FTU) is a new HV switch control device of control cabinet enclosuresequipped with both the imported DSP high-speed sampling chips and the high-performance ARM chips, and can fast and stably finish the monitoring on the switch.

Industrial electrical cabinetby our electric power equipment companyhas such functions as the protection, measuring, controlling, monitoring, communication, remote control, and so on and features high integration level, flexible configuration, and user-friendly interface, widely applied to the radiant and ring network power supply systems.

Electronic control box, power control box, outdoor control boxcan help the systems identify transient and permanent line faults, eliminate the impact of transient line faults automatically, isolate the permanent fault segments to avoid prolonged power failure in a large area, and automatically recover the power supply in fault-free areas, so as to realize the automation of power distribution network in an economical and practical way.

Key Functions of Control Box-Feeder Terminal Unit

Communication Protocols of Control Box-Feeder Terminal Unit

Technical Parameters of Control Box-Feeder Terminal Unit

Characteristic Functions of Control Box-Feeder Terminal Unit

FTU is small in size and large in quantity. It can be placed on electrical control cabinetenclosures. It is equipped with a transmitter for direct AC sampling. It is resistant to high temperature and cold and is suitable for outdoor harsh environments.

Unlike the scada remote terminal unit, the amount of data collected by FTU is small, the requirement of communication rate is low, and the requirement of reliability is high.

FTU can be manufactured by a high-performance single-chip microcomputer. In order to adapt to the harsh environment, industrial chips that can work at 75 ℃ shall be selected, and they shall be protected against lightning, rain and moisture through appropriate structural design.

Application of Control Box-Feeder Terminal Unit

At present, feeder terminal units as one popular type of distribution electrical box have been widely deployed in column switches, ring network cabinets, switching stations, power control boxes, and other places on the distribution network line to realize the "three remote" automation functions of remote signaling, telemetry and remote control of remote primary equipment.

As an information and data communication tool, a computer network provides a powerful communication means for it and provides a reliable basis for realizing the networked control of distribution automation system devices. Fieldbus technology and GPRS wireless communication technology inject new vitality into the implementation of feed automation. Driven by network, communication and other information technologies, distribution automation is developing from spontaneous Island automation to unified and systematic comprehensive automation.

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