PVC Helical Vibration Damper

PVC Helical Vibration Damper

Product Description

Product Composition:

Outer rods, structural reinforcing rod componet, housing insret, shackle, clevis-eye, grounding wire.

Function and Purpose:

The clamp is used on supports to suspend OPGW

Product Characteristic:

*Cables are finely protected because stress is equally distributed in large touching area without intensive stress pivot and stiffness is strengthened at the fixing point.

*The clamp has a slip load of more than 18% RTS of cable. It protects the safe operation of cable in the unbalanced loads condition for a period time.

*The end of the armor rod is processed with spherical surface treatment to increases corona inception voltage.

*Insert(EPDM) enhances the self-resistance and reduces friction.

*The materials of rod selected good quality aluminum alloy wire are agains corrosion and improve the mechnical preoperties.

China Preformed Cable Fitting, Dead End Clamp, Armor Rod, Pole Top Bracket Manufacturer

Thechnical Reuirements:

Compliant with DL/T 766-2003: Technical requirments and testing method of helical fittings


Selet Matching Style:

Acoording to the diameter and strength of ADSS

Number of configuration:

1 set/straight pole or tower

Provides the connection type of the first fitting when connection with the pole or tower

Stength class: 70KN, 100KN

We provide Preformed Cable Fittingsuch as down lead clamp, PVC Helical vibration damper , armor grips, ADSS/OPGW tension string and suspension clamp.

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