Authentic Seasoning Black Sesame Oil

Product Details Product description Authentic seasoning black sesame oil is made of black sesame oil after washing, frying, grinding and pier oil. The sesame oil is filtered three or four times to remove impurities and ensure the purity of sesame oil. A large black sesame is originated from the Chinese province, and its unique geographical environment has created the characteristics of coarse and thin skin of sesame seeds. Although sesame is small, its natural fragrance is very strong. Whether it is pressed oil or grinded sauce, it is an indispensable flavor in world cuisine. It tastes full of fragrance, and then it is infinite. Shermark authentic seasoning black sesame oil is produced by pure physical process. 9 Product information 20 Authentic seasoning black sesame oil Product name:Shermark black sesame paste Material: 100% black sesame seed Product Category:Baking food Edible method:Open the lid,eat it directly without cooking Net content:227ml Storage conditions: Keep this product in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Shelf life: 18 months Nutrient name Per 100g Content Energy 3685KJ 44% Protein 0g 0% Fat 99.6g 166% Carbohydrate 0g 0% Sodium 0mg 0% 1 20 Photographs of products Usage scenarios Practice of Fresh Shrimp Vegetable Salad Ingredients: 6 fresh shrimps Broccoli 80g Okra 60g Kuju 30g Quail eggs 4 Four Little Tomatoes Accessories: Sesame sauce; Sesame oil 1. All vegetables, eggs and shrimps are ready, and the varieties of vegetables can be added at will according to their preferences. 2. Clean broccoli and break it into small pieces. Shell fresh shrimps and take out shrimps for reserve. 3. Cook quail eggs, remove eggshells, all in half, tomatoes and okra also cut into an appropriate size (without quail eggs with eggs). 4. Boil water in the pot, put a little salt, so that the color of vegetables can be greener. Broccoli and okra can be salvaged out of the water. Okra will have mucus. It is recommended to separate the water. 5. Cook the shrimps too. Don't take too long, or the meat will grow old. 6. Put all the vegetables, eggs and shrimps on the plate, you can put sesame sauce, or other condiments, and finally put in sesame oil, stirring, you can eat. We are the largest sesame seed supplier in China.Our sesame seed has high oil content. The oil of Sesame Seeds can be used in the preparation of salads and also in the manufacturing of soaps, margarines, paints, lubricants and medicines. The residue, which is left after the extraction of the oil from the Sesame Seeds is used as a cattle feed. Sesame seeds have high nutritive value and are used in numerous cuisines all over the world, especially in the Middle Eastern countries. Company profile 2_ From 2000, we started exporting Chinese sesame products. We adopt traditional craftsmanship and modern management system that complies with strict quality and hygiene standards to manufacture our prime quality products. The quality of our products is commended by the various government certifications we have been awarded. With an accumulated experience of more than 20 years in manufacturing and exporting sesame products, we have a great understanding of the prevailing market. This knowledge helps us in coming up with quick and suitable strategies to maintain our hold in the market. E -1 Tips Identification Of Sesame Oil By Four Ways Smell method: Pure sesame oil is characterized by strong and pure sesame fragrance, buyers can smell the fragrance across the bottle. Hand rubbing method: pour a few drops of sesame oil into the palm of your hand, then rub it back and forth with your thumb quickly until the skin gets hot and painful. The real sesame oil still has a fragrance in your palm, while adulterated sesame oil has a strange smell. Observation method: The pure sesame oil produced by modern mill technology has transparent and bright color, while the common sesame oil has dark and muddy color. And we should choose the bottled sesame oil produced by regular manufacturers and recognize some famous brand products. Shaking method: Take a bottle of sesame oil and shake it forcefully for about 1 minute, then put it right. There will be a layer of foam bubbles on the surface of pure sesame oil, but it will disappear soon. There will be yellow foam on the surface of false sesame oil, which will not disappear for a long time. F.A.Q Q: What are your available Payment Terms? A: We accept payment by T/T Q:What is your MOQ for each order? A:Our MOQ is 100 boxes for each order. Q:What is your sample charge? A:Our samples are free of charge . Q:What is your Delivery Time? A:Our Delivery Time:10-15 Working Days After Payment.The specific delivery time depends on the quantity of your order. Please feel free to inquire price and quality. We are confident that we can meet all of your needs!

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