Natural Shelf Life Extenders

Natural Shelf Life Extenders

ACE Ingredients-Acearoma

Acearoma is a flavoring preparation, mainly based on the typical flavoring substances of vinegar and co-processed together with other natural flavoring preparations that allow the right tuning of its round and mild taste. Acearoma is potentially applicable in all types of meat and fish applications, fresh or cooked processes, in brine or directly as powder ingredient. Its low applicative dosage makes Acearoma a functional and cost-effective solution with friendly labeling. It can replace other preservatives like lactates, lactates/acetates blends, and diacetate with favorable effects on the microbiological protection, shelf-life, taste, and cost-saving.

How to increase shelf-life of food products

The shelf-life of food products can be improved during the production process. By reducing the water activity of food and increasing the content of sugar, microorganisms' growth environment is impaired.

The packaging process is another vital stage to extend products' shelf-life. High concentrations of Co2, and N2 can inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Thus, the use of vacuum packaging or vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging can extend shelf-Jife of food.,

Heat treatment or Jow temperature treatment is also a common method to increase the shelf-life of food. Most bacteria, yeast, mold nutrient cells, and viruses can be lethal after 10min in 50 ~ 60 C, Below o ℃, biochemical reactions can not be carried out and most bacteria stop growing or even dies. Thus, heat treatment or low-temperature preservation of food is effective in prolonging the shelf-life of food.

lmprove your supply chain with our ACE Ingredients shelf-life extender

Ace lngredients is a natural shelf-life extenders manufacturer, supplying shelf-life extenders for many years. With our professional team and researchers. Ace Ingredients Acearoma can surplus your production line as a functional and cost-effective solution with friendly labeling, Inquiry now, we will offer your competitive wholesale price.

As a food ingredient manufacturer, we provide shelf life extender, kemin buffered vinegar, bread shelf life extenders, meat extender, meat analogue products,kemin buffered vinegar, ace ingredientsand etc. Contact us to know more.

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