Rotary Rubbing Color Fastness Tester

Rotary Rubbing Color Fastness Testing Machine

Brief Introduction:
Used for printed fabric, textile printing and dyeing industry, especially for the detection of fabric printed fabric dry or wet rubbing fastness.

Product Description:
Rotary friction color fastness tester is used to test the fabric textile industry; especially dry printed fabric rubbing fastness most commonly used models.
With 16mm diameter, can provide 1143 grams of pressure friction head.
Counterclockwise friction, operating handles only one-way rotation after friction head clockwise rotation friction 1.125

Technical Parameter:
A, friction head diameter: 16mm;
B, pressure: 1134 g;
C, 1.125 clockwise turn counterclockwise rotation;
D, with standard fixtures friction of the fabric;
F, spring steel sample holder is made to ensure the rapid and reproducible test results fastening specimen;
G, the device being designated AATCC

Configurations and Consumbles:
1, friction cloth in white with the European standard
2, friction cloth with American Standard
3, friction cloth in calibration
4, the standard friction sandpaper
5, friction cloth-like solid clip

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