Feeding System

The feeding component is used for material automatic feeding includes screw feeding machine, automatic supplement machine,bolt feeder machineand material hopper machine, etc. The screw feeding machine completes different length of screw feeding and works with the automatic screw assembly machine, which is more stable and less noisy than the traditional screw vibration bowl; the automatic supplement machine is used for the material supplement of vibration bowl, belt conveyor and other conveyor systems, which can improve the production efficiency and reduce the operation times; the material hopper is always used to raise the material to a certain height. All the feeding components can be customized.

Screw feeding machine

The screw feeding machine works with assembly automation screw feeders, auto feed screw feederand component feedermachine can replace the traditional screw vibration bowl, it can feed different lengths of screw or column material in the same posture continuously. The feeding quantity in one time can be customized to 1-6.

Feeding conveyor with hopper

With beautiful appearance, compact size and customized service, driven by motor the device can complete material continuous lifting function, normally used for rising the material to a specify height.

Material Supplement device

The device is a automatic supplement device with beautiful appearance and compact size, etc., which is suitable for different kinds of material feeder systemsuch as vibration bowl and belt conveyor, etc. It can reduce the feeding times and improve the production efficiency.

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