Tin Phosphor Bronze Strip

Tin Phosphor Bronze Strip

Copper alloy with Cu-Sn-P as the main alloying element is called tin-phosphor bronze strip. As a pioneer of phosphor bronze strip suppliers, we offer the tin phosphor bronzetape products in good quality, which can be used in CPU sockets, mobile keys, car terminals, connectors, electronic connectors, electronic connectors, bellows, spring plates, harmonica friction plates, wear-resistant parts of instruments, and Antimagnetic parts, automotive parts, electrical parts of machinery.

Tin Phosphor Bronze Strip Performance Advantages

Jintian has many types of tin phosphor bronze strip, like c5071 bronze strip, c5210 bronze strip and c5191 bronze strip, c51000 phosphor bronze strip, etc. They offers a wide range of performance advantages that make it a popular choice in various industries.

Good yield strength and fatigue strength

Phosphorus bronze roll, bronze coilcan withstand repeated cycles of stress without breaking down or deforming. This makes it an ideal material for use in applications where reliability and durability are critical, such as in the manufacturing of springs or electrical contacts.

Good elastic properties

Phosphor bronze strip can bend and deform without losing its original shape or properties, which is essential in applications that require high levels of flexibility or where parts need to be formed or shaped.

Excellent processing performance and bending performance

This feature makes tin phosphor bronze easy to work with and form into complex shapes. This is important in applications where parts need to be customized or tailored to specific requirements.

Better ductility, durability, corrosion resistance

The high ductility of bronze strip allows it to stretch and bend without cracking, while its durability ensures it can withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures. Additionally, tinned copper strip's corrosion resistance makes it a popular choice in marine and outdoor applications where exposure to saltwater and other corrosive elements is common.

Electronic Connector

Phosphor bronze tape is widely used in electronic connectors due to its excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical properties. It ensures reliable electrical connections and low contact resistance, making it suitable for high-speed data transmission and signal integrity. The phos bronze strip's spring-like properties provide a secure and consistent contact force, maintaining a stable electrical connection even under challenging conditions.

Computer Connector

In computer connectors, such as those found in motherboards, graphics cards, and peripheral devices, phosphor bronze strip plays a vital role. Its high resilience and durability allow for repeated insertions and removals without compromising the electrical performance. The phosphor bronze tape's corrosion resistance ensures long-lasting connectivity, minimizing signal degradation and maximizing data transfer speeds.

Switch Socket

Phos bronze strip is extensively utilized in switch sockets due to its reliable electrical conductivity and wear resistance. The tin coating on the phosphor bronze tape provides additional protection against oxidation, ensuring prolonged durability and preventing contact failures. The tin phosphor bronze's spring properties enable smooth and responsive switch operations, making it ideal for various switch applications, including keyboards, industrial controls, and household appliances.

Tin Phosphor Bronze Strip FAQs

Can tin phosphor bronze strip be customized according to specific requirements?

Yes, manufacturers of phosphorus bronze strip can provide customization options to meet specific requirements. This may include variations in strip thickness, width, hardness, surface finish, and tin coating thickness. Customization ensures that the strip meets the desired specifications for a particular application.

How does tin phosphor bronze strip contribute to switch socket performance?

Phosphorus bronze strip plays a crucial role in switch sockets. Its reliable electrical conductivity and wear resistance ensure efficient switch operations and prolonged durability. The spring properties of the tin plated copper strip enable smooth and responsive switch actions, making it suitable for various switch applications in keyboards, industrial controls, and household appliances.

Is tin phosphor bronze strip compatible with different environmental conditions?

Yes, phosphor bronze plate exhibits good compatibility with various environments. Its corrosion resistance helps protect against oxidation and degradation, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, it's essential to consider specific environmental factors and consult with manufacturers for optimal performance in specific conditions.

Tin Phosphor Bronze Strip Executive Standard

Executive standard: G/T 2059-2017

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