Alcohol Disinfectant

Alcohol disinfectantis a colorless, clear and transparent liquid diluted with ethanol in a certain proportion, which has no impurities or precipitation, and has the inherent smell of ethanol. The main component of alcohol disinfectant is ethanol, which is suitable for disinfection of general surfaces, hands and skin. High-purity ethanol (95%) antibacterial bacterial cells are dehydrated, allowing the protein on the surface of the bacteria to coagulate to form a dura mater. This dura mater prevents the penetration of alcohol, resulting in the disinfection and sterilization effect of high-purity ethanol, which is not as good as dilute ethanol (70-75%). Therefore, the alcohol content of the alcohol disinfectant on the market is 70% or 75%.

Specification Of Alcohol Disinfectant

Place of Origin


Shelf Life









100 bottle


Kills 99.99% of Germs

Supply Ability


Application Of Alcohol Disinfectant

Alcohol disinfectant is mainly used for hand and skin disinfection. It can also be used for surface disinfection of clinical thermometers, sphygmomanometers and other medical instruments and precision instruments. Alcohol disinfectant is not suitable for air disinfection and immersion disinfection of medical equipment. 95% alcohol disinfectant is used to wipe the UV lamp. This kind of alcohol is commonly used in hospitals, but it is only used to clean camera lenses in households. 70%-75% alcohol disinfectant is used for disinfection. This is because excessively high concentrations of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of the bacteria, preventing them from entering the bacteria body, making it difficult to completely kill the bacteria. If the alcohol concentration is too low, although it can enter bacteria, it cannot coagulate the protein in the body, nor can it completely kill the bacteria. Among them, 75% alcohol has the best disinfection effect.

Advantages Of Alcohol Disinfectant

No Residue

The ethanol in the alcohol disinfectant is volatile. Compared with other disinfectants, the ethanol disinfectantcan be residue-free and safer.

Low Toxic

Compared with other disinfectant ingredients, the ethanol in alcohol disinfectant is less toxic and safer to use.

Alcohol Disinfectant

In Line With Cleaning Habits

Compared with84 disinfectant, alcohol disinfectant is less corrosive.

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