Children Face Mask

The"Technical Specification for Children's Masks" stipulates the basic requirements, appearance quality and test methods for masks for children aged 6 to 14, and also proposes 19 main performance indicators. According to requirements, childrens antiviral face maskrequires a particulate filtration efficiency of not less than 95% and a protective effect of not less than 90%; child face maskrequires a particulate filtration efficiency of not less than 90% and a bacterial filtration efficiency of not less than 95%. Taking into account the respiratory characteristics of the child's physiological development stage, mouth mask for kidsrequires both exhalation resistance and inhalation resistance to be no higher than 45Pa; children's hygiene masks require ventilation resistance no higher than 30Pa. In light of the comfort of wearing masks, the standard recommends the use of adjustable mask straps.

In terms of safety performance, the face masks for children's skinshould be able to cover the mouth, nose, and jaw safely and firmly. There should be no sharp points and sharp edges that can be touched, and should not significantly affect the field of vision; the raw materials of the childrens face mask medicalshould not use recycled materials and materials that can cause adverse reactions. It should not be bleached with chlorine; the breathing valve of a mask equipped with a breathing valve should be firm and not deformed, and the internal parts should not fall off; lace-up mask straps should not be used; the nose clip should withstand 20 folds without breaking. The material should not be printed or dyed. kids antiviral face maskis divided into two standards for medical and civilian use.

Specification Of Children Face Mask


PP Non-woven/filter paper Fabric



Shelf Life:

2 years





95% - 99.9%



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