Removable Label

Removable Label

Small removable labelsare also called eco-friendly labels, N-time labeling, removable labels, small removable stickers. They willnot produce traces when they are torn off. They are made of removable glue and can be easily attached to a back. Uncover and stick it on another back sticker. The label is intact and can be reused many times.

Features Of Removable Label


Labels lift cleanly – no residue left behind.


The glue can be removed without residue


The printing color of this pharma label is exquisite


High quality removable laser or inkjet labels.


Easy to format label templates

Technical Data Of Removable Label

Item name

removable label


removable,leaving no trace


food storage and shelf life marking




Thermal paper/semi-gloss paper/synthetic paper+removable glue




1000 rolls

Payment term

TT:30%in advance,the balance before shipment.western union


24/48/50/rolls/ctn,or customized.neutral packing,shrink-wrapping,

black/white bag packing, golden/silver paper packing.

Delivery time

10-15days after receipt of payment

If you want to buy removable labels for wood cabinets, please contact us.

As a pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer, we can provide types of pharma packagingfor sale, if you are interested, please leave us a message.

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