Smart AB Wheel

Our smart abdominal wheelexercise machine is equipped with a smart brake design and a strong automatic rebound function, which can prevent accidental falls and injuries when pushing forward. The entire AB Roller Wheelequipment is covered with rubber to imitate the tread of a car tire, providing a strong grip and resisting slippage.

AB Roller Exercise Machine Benefits

The smart abdominal exercise roller wheel can safely and effectively train the pectoral muscles, deltoid muscles, abdominal muscles, and back muscles through an ultra-simple movement. Compared with the traditional abdominal wheel roller, there is no need to worry about hurting yourself due to poor strength and movement out of control. It is suitable for doing wheel exercises for beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts.

Using the smart abdominal ab roller can automatically rebound, choose the strength, and get more professional training guidance. According to the fitness data recorded in the background, specify a more effective fitness plan to improve the quality of fitness with a wheel for abdominal exercises like the SW1 abdominal muscle wheel.

YANXING FIT AB WheelSupplier: Roll Your Way to a Stronger Core

Roll Towards Your Fitness Goals with YANXING FIT AB Wheel Factory

YANXING FIT, a leading ab wheel factory, offers both OEM and ODM services for ab roller machine. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, the YANXING FIT AB wheel supplier is able to provide numerous advantages to clients. These advantages include customization options, from colors and logos to packaging and product features, to meet the unique needs of each customer. The company also offers competitive pricing, high-quality materials, and efficient production processes to ensure timely delivery. Additionally, YANXING FIT has a team of skilled engineers and designers who can assist with ab wheel equipment development and provide valuable insights and recommendations. With YANXING FIT, clients can trust that they are receiving exceptional types of ab rollers and services that meet their exact specifications.

How Does an AB Roller Work

The inside of the ab wheel equipment is designed with spring steel sheets, which makes the abdominal wheel roller have strong resilience when in use. This rebound force can effectively offset the momentum of our forward sliding. The abdominal AB roller slides smoothly while maintaining the balance of the body, which ultimately ensures that we are safe and not injured during exercise; for the same reason, it is relatively easy for us to slide back the wheel due to the existence of resilience.

The built-in Bluetooth can match the mobile APP, and display the single exercise count and the cumulative number of exercises in real time. With the data, we can more clearly grasp the situation of each exercise with how to use exercise roller wheel.

Why Choose AB Roller for Sale in China

Judging from the market situation, there are many different types of AB rollers in China. The AB wheel suppliers have developed new AB roller for sale from various factors such as ID design, fitness effect, and fitness safety. Though the quality of ab wheel equipment varies, there are many high-quality smart abdominal wheels in China market offered by professional AB roller factory.

The export of mature, top-quality abdominal exercise roller from the Chinese market is due in part to their excellent APP experience. The mature abdominal fitness rollers in the Chinese market are also exported to overseas markets, so customers around the world can now access the best ab wheel for sale. If you want to buy AB wheel in bulk, the Chinese abdominal exercise roller wheel will be a great choice!

Something You Need to Know Before Buying Buy AB Roller in Bulk

Smart AB Wheel In Bulk

Several key factors that generally affect the quality, use effect and safety of the abdominal roller wheel include: the design of the pulley, the diameter of the AB Wheel, the quality of the steel pipe, and the overall bearing capacity of the abdominal exercise roller.

Buy Smart AB Wheel

The abdominal exercise roller wheel should be easy to handle and smooth to use, and the size of the exercise roller machine wheels should also be wider and non-slip. The internal structure of the abdominal exercise roller should be thick to ensure the overall bearing capacity and resilience.

Smart AB Wheel Equipment FAQs


Is the smart AB wheel equipment better for weight loss than the ordinary AB wheel?


The intelligent abdominal fitness roller innovates more than 30 kinds of training movements while retaining the traditional abdominal crunch training. Our abdominal AB roller can train all major muscle groups in the body, which is of course more conducive to weight loss.


What are the benefits of using the abdominal wheel roller?


Due to its small size, the abdominal exercise roller is especially suitable for home use. By changing different methods of use, the abdominal exercise roller wheel is mainly used to exercise the muscles of various parts of the body such as the abdomen, waist and buttocks, and upper arms.


What kind of person is suitable for using the abdominal fitness roller?


The abdominal wheel AB roller is suitable for people who have strong core strength. The users of our abdominal roller machine can feel the force of their own muscles, and can maintain the correct posture during exercise.


How to use exercise roller wheel?


You must warm-up before exercising with the abdominal wheel roller. The ab roller machine has many different uses and can exercise different muscles respectively. Different types of ab rollershould be noted that the exercised part must exert force.

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