Y Connector

For most cases of respiratory therapy, the breathing circuit consist of two limbs, one is the inspiration limb and the other one is the expiration limb. The Y-connector for oxygen concentrator is used to connect the two breathing limbs and then deliver airflow to the patient through a mask, nasal tubing, or nasal cannula. The Y-connector from Pigeon Medical is made with premium PC material to ensure its quality and reliability. Please pay attention that there are two open ports on the Y-connector, please tell our sales team if you need to block any port.

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Working Principle of Y-Connector

Y-connector is normally used to link the two limbs of breathing circuit. The patient uses certain interface to connect Y-connector and accept therapy from breathing circuit.

Features of Y-Connector

Made with premium PC material.

Reusable and able to bear high temperature sterilization up to 135 ℃.

Three different sizes available.

Specification of Y-Connector




22mm ( 15mm,10mm available)



Product Code

Application of Y-Connector


Application during therapies by ICU ventilator.


Application during therapies by Anesthesia machine.

Pigeon Medical is aprofessional respiratory therapy equipment companies. We provide air oxygen blender, infant CPAP, Infant Resuscitator, y connector for oxygen concentrator, medical y connector, oxygen tubing y connector, respiratory breathing deviceand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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