LED Smart Light Bulb

Light bulbs—even smart ones—should be easy. Just screw a smart bulb lampinto a lamp, pair it with a smart, and you never have to worry about navigating dark hallways or hunting for a switch. Many even let you adjust the colour. We recommend the Wyze Bulb Color because it’s one of the brightest smart bulbs we’ve tested but can also reach low dimming levels, so it’s perfect for a variety of tasks from entertaining to comfortably reading. It’s also one of the most affordable color-adjustable bulbs we’ve tested, and it has an intuitive app that makes the switch to using smart bulbs as easy as, well, screwing in a light bulb.

When it comes to cutting-edge LED lighting solutions, Topstar stands tall as a beacon of innovation in the realm of illumination. As a leading China led lighting factorywith a reputation for excellence, Topstar lighting takes pride in offering unparalleled product benefits that redefine the standards of brilliance. Join us on a journey through the distinctive advantages that set Topstar apart as a premier led lighting companyin China.

Types of Smart Bulbs

A19 Smart LED Light Bulbs

BR30 Smart LED Bulb

PAR38 Smart Bulb

ST19 Smart Bulb

G25 Smart Bulb

How Do LED Smart Light Bulbs Work?


Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs work like many other smart home products - they connect to the user's smart via wireless technology and allow the user to control the bulb via an app.


Bluetooth Smart Bulbs

Some smart light bulbsuse Bluetooth to communicate directly with the user's , but since this is a point-to-point connection, the user will not be able to control them from their when they are not at home. Other smart bulbs use Z-Wave or Zigbee wireless communication, which are slightly faster than Bluetooth and allow multiple devices to be controlled simultaneously.

Advantages Of LED Smart Light Bulbs

Offering output of 806 lumens, the equivalent of a 60-watt bulb, our 9W smart LED Bulb Color connects to your home Wi-Fi. Despite that bright light, it has a low price, an easy-to-use app, and a good color-temperature range, and it can dim as low as you need. Its timers and scheduling perform reliably, as do neat features such as the ability to mimic sunrise and sunset light, Vacation Mode, and Power Loss Recovery, which lets you customize what settings your bulb will have after it turns on again following a power outage.

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