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First, the basic properties of RAD-140
RAD-140 Product Name:RAD-140 ;RADAROL
RAD-140 Chinese synonyms: RAD-140
RAD-140 Material Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
RAD-140 Quality Standard: Corporate Standard
RAD-140 traits: white powder
RAD-140 content: 99%
RAD-140 Place of Origin: China
RAD-140 Product Name:RAD-140
RAD-140 Specifications: 10G/Foil Bag
RAD-140 Chemical name: RAD-140
RAD-140 uses: RAD-140 can be used as chemical raw materials, chemical intermediates.
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Second, RAD-140 reference materials:

RAD-140 powder is a selective androgen receptor modulator. Studies have shown that it can improve lean body mass and body function, increase tendon strength, promote ligament health, and increase bone mineral density.

RAD-140 advantages:
The rad140 is one of the main advantages of using steroid-related side effects. Therefore, it can be used as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. Specifically, it has been shown to act in the same way as hormone receptors in tissues compared to testosterone. In addition, it also has a greater synergistic effect than testosterone and better enhancement.

RAD-140 function:
In high-intensity exercise, it can increase speed, perseverance and endurance, accelerate muscle tissue metabolism, and help you achieve greater results in a shorter time.

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Third, RADAROL (RAD-140) manufacturers introduce:

Hubei Dada RAD-140 raw material manufacturer De Meikai Biological, specializing in the production and supply of RAD-140 raw materials, the products are exported to overseas, the quality of praised by the majority of customers. The company is now opening up its internet sales channels to make unremitting efforts to serve its customers faster and better. The company's products of high purity and stable quality long-term stock, and provide small packaging RAD-140 samples, welcome customers test!

(1) How to ensure the quality of RADAROL (RAD-140) products?
1. Our company is a customer-centric company with integrity and integrity. Our products are in line with national standards and industry standards. If you are not at ease, our company can provide samples for your trial, and the large goods will be accepted according to the sample quality and the implementation standards of the products; the goods can provide inspection reports.
2. Regularly sign the formal purchase contract. The contract can regulate product quality and after-sales content. Once signed, it has a legal effect.
3, large quantities of customized products, the company provides sample testing, the two sides leave the sample after the customer's approval, as a standard sample production and acceptance testing.

(II) About the purchase process and price of RADAROL (RAD-140)
1. Provide the qualification of the purchaser company (business license picture) and sign the purchase contract.
2. The company's payment method is payment and delivery. Payments will be made before 16:00 daily and will be shipped on the same day. Payment will be made after 16:00. Delivery will be arranged the next day and holidays will be postponed. Within 25kg, delivery is sent by express delivery, and 25kg or more is sent by logistics. The main composition of express delivery companies are: China Express, SF Express, Debon logistics.
3, replacement policy
1)After arrival, the buyer should carefully confirm that the goods are in good condition and sign again, according to the acceptance standard of the product. If there are any discrepancies in product specifications, we will return the goods.
2) We will do a good job of packing before delivery, but the cargo handling process may lead to scratches and depressions in the outer packaging. If there is no product leakage, it is normal.
3) If there is a leak, please take a picture and save your card and contact us immediately. We will work with you to solve it.
4. The company publishes the price for the promotion company to fill in its own, the actual price consultation [Deikecan Bioma Manager].
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