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Wuhan Demeikai Biotechnology Co., Ltd

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Wuhan Demeikai Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a leading Chemicals manufacture in China, With Rich experience in providing stetoids hormone and API for years.

Mainly include:
1, SARMS (MK677, RAD140, LGD3303,AndarineS-4,etc...)
2, high purity of the API (sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil...)
3, high purity bioactive small molecules (MMAE, MMAD, etc...)
4, the custom synthesis intermediates
5, distribution of various specifications of plant extracts

Our customers are around the world,Such as USA,Greece, Spain, UK, Germany, Australia and other countries,We advocate an enterprise idea that \"Quality First,Service-oriented,friendship development, win-win cooperation\"which let us survive in this field well.

The products achieve the advanced standard of domestic market, most of which even reach the international standard and conform to the requirements of FCC, USP, EP and BP with high level research group, advanced apparatus and good scientific atmosphere which ensure the stable and reliable quality. Besides, the factory has a complete Q. A. & Q. C. System. We own authorized sets of analyzing instruments that have high efficiency and high sensitivity, such as HPLC, GC and UV spectrophotometer to analyze and control the products.


MK-2866 MK-2866 (for export and scientific research only) ================================================== ========== I. Physical and chemical properti...
LGD 3303 SAMRS Powder
LGD 3303 SAMRS Powder LGD-3303 ================================================== ========== First, the basic properties of LGD-3303: LGD3303 Chinese name: LGD-3303 ...
GW 501516
GW 501516 GW-501516 ================================================== ========== First, GW-501516 logistics chemical property description: GW-501516 C...
Andarine (S-4)  SARMS powder
Andarine (S-4) SARMS powder Andarine (S-4) ================================================== ========== First, Andarine (S-4) Physical Chemistry Description: Andarine (...
LGD-4033 LGD-4033 ================================================== ========== I. Physical and chemical properties of LGD4033: LGD4033 Name: LGD4033;...
SR9009 SR9009 SR9009 Basic Info. Product Name: SR9009 Synonyms: SR9009;STENABOLIC CAS: Use:reduce obesity in populations of mice. It binds to and act...
YK-11 SARMS powder
YK-11 SARMS powder YK11 ================================================== ========== I. Physical and chemical properties of YK11: YK11 Chinese Name: YK11 YK11 ...
RAD-150 (TLB-150)sarms powder
RAD-150 (TLB-150)sarms powder RAD-150 Rad-150 basic properties Product name: RAD-150; TLB - 150. Chinese synonym: RAD-150 CAS no. : Raw material grade: food grade or above Qua...