Graduation Diploma Cover


Red graduate diploma cover with premium textured leatherette exterior

Two white inside moiré panels on both sides

Fits one 8.5" x11" diploma

Gold foil stamping logo and letters on the front of the cover

A protective acetate sheet to hold your certificate securely

Book style to display your diploma vertically

4 black satin ribbon corners

3mm foam padding

Variety Colors and Sizes for Your Choices


Our red imprinted diploma cover is made for colleges and universities, but it is also perfect for displaying your diploma in a high school graduation certificate folder. Aside from being attractive it is also durable in protecting and preserving your hard-earned diploma from the elements. The black ribbons in the corner of the interior panel make the cover unique when opening the folders like a book, you will find a valuable diploma lay between the moiré panel and acetate protector film like a portrait. The etching of school image seems to tell the long and honor history of a school. Each graduation program cover design is finish by our most talented designers; we recognize the importance of graduation diploma you get from your school. If you want to know more about our products, please kindly review our website for more detail information. Our sales representative will assist you in each step in ordering our graduation diploma cover, we pursuit a courtesy, considerate, timely manner customer service since we built up 20 years ago.

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