WF Complete grinder(Seperate design)

is mainlyused inchemical industry, medicine (TCM) and food,including spices,chilli,coffee,herb,salt,pepper,tobacco,corn,leaf,cocoa,maize, supplement,turmeric,resin powder,besmear powder etc,high temperature resistant material, crushing and dust collection as a whole is a new generation crushing equipment.

This machine adopts the tooth disc high-speed rotating knife, the fixed knife impact and shear grinding to crush. The crushing effect is good, the heat of crushing chamber and finished product outflow together from sieve by strong airflow which produced when crushing, crushing fineness can be decided by different sieves.

The unit make the materials crushed by the impact & grind function of the relative motion between active and fixed fluted discs, and impact between the materials. Smashed materials enter into the capture bag by rotating centrifugal force function, the dust filtered and recycled by dust collector through a bag filter box. This machine designed according to GMP standard and wholly made of stainless steel materials, has no flying dust during production. can improve the utilization rate of material and reduce cost of enterprise, and has reached the international advanced level at present.

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