LED Panel lamp 600x600

LED Panel lamp 600x600

1.Instant start, no flickering, no humming.
2.Energy-saving and environment-friendly.
3.Superbrightr Led Panel light, CE Rohs approval.
4.Anti-glare, giving visual comfort;
5.Isolating circuit design, safety and reliability;
6.Solid-state, fast turn on.
7.Better thermal management, no heat damage;
8.Easily installed into standard fixture;
9.Special different view angles, mixing lighting design.
10.Longevity of service and minimal maintenance.
11.No such hazard that mercury or lead enters the environment.
12.Good heat dissipation with professional designed aluminum alloy housing;
13.Lighting comes all around into light guide panel,more efficient dissipation.
14.Ultra energy efficient, replacing up to 30-100W incandescent/Halogen lamps;
15.No mercury, less CO2 emission, eco-friendly to the environment,No electric wave,No RF interference.
16.Special circuit design, each LED can work separately thus it can avoid the influnence that a broken LED causes.
17.New inner high efficiency (95%) With heat protection system, the constant current driver can work under unstable voltage.
18.Lifespan: 50,000 hours,Hotels,Conference / Meeting rooms.Factories & Offices.Commercial Purposes,Residential / Institution Buildings,Schools, Colleges & Universities,Hospitals,
Places where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting are needed!

Product Details:
Place of Origin: ShenZhen,Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Number of LEDs (pcs): 480pcs 3014SMD LEDs
Total power consumption of LEDs (W):48W
Color temperature (K):5500-6000K
Luminous flux (Lm):3984lm
Color: White
Beam angle (degree):180degree
Color rendering index (CRI) : >70
Rated voltage (V AC/V DC): AC85-265V
Frequency range (Hz): 50-60Hz
Working environment: indoor
Body temperature: less than 65 Celsius
Material of body: aluminum alloy back and clear/wave cover
IP rating: IP54
Operating temperature: -10~45 degrees Celsius
Size (MM):598*598*10mm
Net weight and gross: 3800g
Certifications: CE ROHS
Operating Temperature: -15C to +50C
Storage Temperature : -15C to +60C
Humidity Operating: 10-60%
Humidity Storage: 10-60%
Life span: 50,000hours
Warranty (years):2 years

1.Hotels,General household lighting
2.Conference / Meeting rooms
3.Factories & Offices,Energy saving programs
4.Commercial Purposes,Retail stores lighting
5.Residential / Institution Buildings
6.Schools, Colleges & Universities
7.Hospitals,Fluorescent replacement
8.Places where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting are needed
The Led Panel light can be used to retrofit existing fluorescent installations in all types of applications

1. turn off the power switch.
2. connect the input-terminal with utility power(AC 100-240V) by using wiring-unit, make certain that no copper wire is bared
3. connect the output-terminal DC plug of current driver with the lamp`s DC plug ,insure this connection secure.
4. fix the lamp and current driver to the suitable place by convinient installation.
5. ture on the power switch.

Package :
1. Adopt imported high-grade environmental friendly thick card as packaging material;
2. Professional box lined design, the LED panel light are well protected in transit
3. Neutral Screen

1.Rip off the Pellicle after you finish the installation.To assure cleanly of lighting side.
2.Debugging the LED panel light after installation first.Then put it on .
3.Only fixation and maintainance by professional technical person.

Warnings & cautions:
1. Please use it in a ventilation environment and keep it from water.
2. DO NOT connect power (positive & negative) to the two pins at one end only. If they are
connected together (positive/negative): you will create a short circuit!

Transaction Procedures:
Step 1: A customer got our catalogue and makes PURCHASE ORDER (PO) and sends it to
Step 2: ORIENTALIGHT makes PERFORMA INVOICE (PI) and sends it to customer.
Step 3: If the customer agrees to PI, he or she makes payment (goods cost freight charge) and shows payment proof.
Step 4: ORIENTALIGHT arranges production or shipment.
Step 5: ORIENTALIGHT ships after the payment shows on ORIENTALIGHT's account.
Step 6: The customer receives the package.

The price in the catalogue is based on FOB Shenzhen for final order excluding the freight charge.
For sample order, the price will be a little higher than bulk order, except the free sample.

Freight will vary depending on destination, weight, courier, or forwarder. We will always choose the cheap but safe transportation for customers.
Customer can also assign the forwarder and pay the freight by customer.

1. For sample order, we use courier like DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS. Customer can assign the courier.
2. For larger order, we could use courier or air cargo or other special forwarder.
3. Customer can also assign the forwarder to make the transportation.

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