LED Linear Light

Full-color led linear downlightequipped with a narrow aluminum-profile housing and specially designed by EXCled linear light suppliersfor outdoor landscape lighting, and each pixel can realize 65536 grades gray scale changing; featuring simple and reliable installation, they can be used for extra-large area display of building facades, contour shaping, interior and exterior surface decoration lighting and small-range wall wash lighting.

Types of LED Linear Light

Outdoor Linear Light Milky

High-end led linear barproject light lamp, characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy to bend, maintenance-free, etc. LED linear project light lamp is especially suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment places, building outline and billboard production, etc.

Outdoor Linear Light Contour

Linear fixture ledhas compact and lightweight end caps and mounting brackets made of aluminum alloy high-pressure die-casting high-temperature resistant silicone rubber seals to ensure waterproof reliability. The LED linear light fixture can be installed singly or in combination of several. Suitable for various buildings, indoor and outdoor partial or contour lighting.

What is LED Linear Lighting?

Led linear light, also called led linear lamp is a linear-shaped fixture. LEDlighting supply companyprovides Light-Emitting Diode (LED) illumination over a narrower area than conventional fixtures. Typically, these linear led luminaires are longer in length, which is usually installed on the external walls of buildings, or embedded in walls and ceilings.

The demand for the led linear lamps is now continuing to grow. The led linear lighting system continues to evolve as aesthetics and technology improve, moving away from older, traditional housings, using better materials, and incorporating more advanced technology. The led linear tube allows for continuous illumination without any black spots in the light and is used in a wide variety of applications.

Advantages of EXC LED Linear Light

EXC led linear light boasts a range of benefits.

From the aspect of aesthetics, great performance is often not enough, unique and eye-catching design is also important. EXC led linear light not only has great lighting performance, but also a unique aesthetic appearance.

From the aspect of the color temperature, led linear lamps are typically available in a wide range of color temperatures, providing flexibility to meet the lighting environment. EXC led linear lights are recommended for exterior wall corridors, city squares, roads and bridges, shopping malls, hotels, and other places. It can be used to building outlines and decorate buildings and has a wide range of applications.

Due to the low energy usage of linear lighting, LED linear lighting is extremely efficient to operate and has a long inherent life span. And linear lighting is quite flexible and can be installed to almost any ceiling type, such as linear led ceiling lights.

The price of EXC wholesale LED linear light is competitive in the market, offering a perfect user experience for an average price.

The LED linear light factory offers various types of LED linear light profile wholesale to suit different lighting requirements. A high level of products, perfect service and rich experience make you value for money.

LED Linear Lighting Solutions

LED linear lights are increasingly used in commercial lighting, school lighting, and even residential lighting.

Firstly, as general lighting, LED linear lights to need to provide background light in the space. This high level of lighting should pay attention to the even distribution of light and avoid glare.

The second is task lighting, that is, specific focused lighting. For example, at an exhibition, linear led tube light is used for individual works.

Lastly, accent lighting primarily aims to achieve aesthetic effects. Such as using linear fixtures led to highlight the shape of a building, or to give a room a sense of space.

We offer high quality led linear light wholesale,and the led linear light priceis great, if you have needs, please contact us.

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