Zero-Order Waveplate

Zero-Order Waveplate

Low-Order Waveplate

Polarizing Rotator

A quarter- or half-wave retarder made from two plates of quartz with their fast axes crossed, the difference in thickness between the two plates determines the retardance. Zero-order retarders provide accurate retardance over a broad range of wavelength and are more durable than single-element retarders.



Crystal Quartz

Dimension Tolerance


Optical Angle Orientation Tolerance


Wavefront Distortion


Retardation Tolerance

< λ/500

Wavelength Range



< 5 arc seconds

Clear Aperture

> 80%

Surface Quality

20-10 scratch and dig

AR/AR Coating

R < 0.2% at central wavelength

Zero-Order Waveplate Standard Products:


Optically Contacted

Part No.


Part No.








Note: Other size, wavelength andcoating are available upon request.

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