Rotary Flow Meter

The metal rotor flowmeter is a type of variable area flowmeter. In a vertical cone tube that expands from bottom to top, the gravity of the float with a circular cross section is borne by the hydrodynamic force. And down. Under the action of flow velocity and buoyancy, it moves up and down, balances with the weight of the float, and passes through the magnetic coupling to the dial to indicate the flow.

It's generally divided into glass and metal rotary flow meter. Metal rotary flow meter is the most commonly used in the industry. For small diameter corrosive media, glass is usually used. Due to the fragility of glass, the key control point is also a rotary flow meter made of precious metals such as titanium.

Features of Rotary Flow Meter

Rotary flow meter is a variable area flow meter based on float position measurement.

It adopts all-metal structure.

It adopts modular concept design.

Its pressure loss is small.

The range ratio is large (10: 1).

It's suitable for flow measurement and process control of environmental and various media conditions.

Advantages of Rotary Flow Meter

Metal rotary flow meter is the most commonly used flowmeter in industry and laboratory. It has the characteristics of simple structure, intuitive, small pressure loss and convenient maintenance. The rotameter is suitable for measuring the small flow through the pipe diameter D <150mm, and can also measure the flow of corrosive media.

When in use, the rotary flow meter must be installed on a vertically-stretched pipe section, and the fluid medium passes through the rotor flowmeter from bottom to top.

Rotary stainless steel flow meteris a variable area flow meter based on float position measurement. Adopt all-metal structures. Modular concept design, because of its small size, small pressure loss, large range ratio (10: 1), easy installation and maintenance, etc., it is widely used in various industries and complex, harsh environments, small flow rate, low flow rate, various flow and process control for a variety of harsh media conditions. The correct installation of the metal rotary flow meter is particularly important for the normal use of the flowmeter.

Feejoy technology provide a range of different types of level gauge and level transmitterincluding magnetic, Magnetostrictive, ultrasonic, radar, RF admittance, float continuous. Each of these transmitters work in different ways, making them useful for a number of different types of processes.

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