Морские контейнерные перевозки с полной загрузкой (FCL)

FCL cargo refers to the cargo that can be filled with a large shipment. In sea container transportation, the most common full container load volumeare 20GP, 40GP and 40HQ. A 20GP can hold 30 cubic meters of goods, a 40GP can hold 65 cubic meters of goods, and a 40HQ can hold 75 cubic meters of goods.

Comparing with lcl and fcl shipping, the LCL company is responsible for the packing and unpacking of the LCL. While the FCL shipping is different. Known as full container load shipping, the full container load shipping is usually packed and sealed by the shipper, and the consignee is responsible for unpacking and unloading. However, the consignor can also just send the goods to the container yard, and entrust a freight forwarder or a professional packing company for packing.

Is FCL right for me?


The fcl full containerof goods does not need to be loaded and unloaded together with other goods, thus saving transportation time, but transporting larger quantities of goods means finding and paying for more inventory space. For small loads (about 13 cubic meters or less), the whole cost may be higher.


Sealing the container in the factory means less handling and less chance of damage, but delivering a complete fcls containermeans that you need equipment and personnel that can handle this work, which is not available in every factory.


Compared with fcl shipping rates, the unit price of LCL is higher. For larger shipments, you only need to pay the fixed fee for the FCL freight to save money. However, when transporting the FCL, the FCL freight delivery time will become more complicated because you will Large quantities of goods need to be processed within a smaller time frame.

Notice Of FCL

When you send more than 10 standard pallets or goods worth 14 cubic meters: the cost can be optimized by FCL transportation. The freight for goods exceeding this quantity through FCL may be lower than the freight for LCL.

When you need to protect the safety of your goods: you can protect your goods through FCL transportation. In FCL transportation, the goods will not come into contact with other shippers, so the risk of damage is low.

When your cargo is urgent: you can quickly track your cargo through FCL transportation. FCL cargo has a shorter transfer time because they do not pass through multiple hubs like LCL cargo.

FCL Shipment Procedures

There are two types of warehouse delivery: real-time delivery and direct delivery.

Real-time uninstallation usually has 1-2 free hours. Sometimes, when the warehouse is particularly busy, you may need to get off the bus. This means that the driver usually completes the unloading after one or two days, then puts it down and picks it up again. Landing is often more expensive than landing on site because it requires the driver to travel twice. On the other hand, if you may be charged for waiting time, lowering the fee may be a more affordable option. If the warehouse simply cannot unload on the same day, then the only option is to drop. For shippers who frequently ship, the drag-and-drop option may be a good choice: drop a container from a different shipment and then pick up another container.

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