Wax Thermostat

Wax type thermostat is the most widely used in combustion engines, and SDZ possesses and masters matured skills of wax thermostat's development and production. The wax pellet thermostat in the copper expands when it heats up and contracts when it cools.

Wax Type Thermostat Technical Information

Characteristics of wax pellet thermostat

The wax is enclosed in a metal capsule in touch with water. The valve close when the wax is cooled. It blocks the passage of water into the radiator. When the wax is heated and expands, and the rod is expelled. The valve opens and wax is cooled, and closed by spring.

Structure of wax type thermostat

Wax thermostat is mainly composed of

The inductive element is the core part of automotive electronic thermostat work

Wax Thermostat has simple structure and low cost thus has a wide application in a conventional vehicles.

Application Of Dual Thermostat

Only one thermostat on the engine cannot meet the optimal operating temperature requests of different parts of the engine. To solve this situation, SDZ technology support the application of a dual thermostat. It includes two thermostats with different opening temperatures.

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