Syringe Filter Nylon

FilterPri Syringe Filter NY The membrane is a hydrophillic and compatible with aqueous solution and solvents,Website:, commonly used for general laboratory filtration and filtration of HPLC samples prior to injection. It is imported for some leading company who is well known in producing membrane. NY syringe filter has 3 kind of diameters, 13mm, 25mm and 30mm. It is cut into some disc membrane that guarantee exceptional integrity when filtering some sample. Then through into non-gap sealing, virgin medical PP material is placed to contain all the disc membrane. It has superior performance to prevent leak of sample solvent and can promise membrane area being used in a large filtration area.ItemDescriptionPackaging      (pcs/pk)                         Nylon66 Syringe Filter (Blue ) FBS13NY022Pore:0.22μmDiameter: 13mm100FBS13NY045Pore:0.45μmDiameter: 13mm100FBS25NY022Pore:0.22μmDiameter: 25mm100FBS25NY045Pore:0.45μmDiameter: 25mm100FBS30NY022Pore:0.22μmDiameter: 30mm100FBS30NY045Pore:0.45μmDiameter: 30mm100

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