Yard Ramps

1.InstructionA. Mobile dock ramp is suit for: often material handling,Website:, warehouse, wharf, logistics center working place, loading and unloading goods from container or truck.B. The ramp can be operated by single person easily, in this way saving people work and promoting work efficiency.C. Manual power or electricity power is for your choice.D. The regular model of this ramp is: width-2.08m, length-11m, adjusting height range-0.9m to 1.8m. And it also can be designed and produced according to customers’ requirements. 2.AdvantagesA. Triangle structure of guardrail is more stable,uniform stress.B. The chain can maintain stable.C. Both forklift suspension board and floor have anti-skid plate.DCQY-60.9 ~ 1.8≤13°11×2.08×1.4 manual or      AC/DC powerDCQY -80.9 ~ 1.8≤13°11×2.08×1.4DCQY -100.9 ~ 1.8≤13°11×2.08×1.4DCQY -120.9 ~ 1.8≤13°11×2.08×1.4DCQY -150.9 ~ 1.8≤13°11×2.08×1.4

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