Rotating Horse


The Rotating Horse is the new amusement equipment designed by us according to the market needs and specific requirements of users. Compared with other similar products, it has many outstanding advantages: the outward appearance is smooth and natural; cabins are designed as flying horses; the decoration on the top (like a unicorn) is full of childishness. The device is a kind of amusement plane that rotates around the vertical axis. Passengers can control the cabin lift and fall independently, and can also attack the horse directly in front with their own weapons. The hit horse will fall to the lowest position immediately, and after a delay, it automatically rises again. With a certain degree of stimulation, the Rotating Horse is one of the most popular equipments for children and teenagers in amusement parks. Each cabin accommodates one adult and a child or two persons under 1.5 meters tall. Children under 1 meter tall should be accompanied by adults.


The rotating horse is a new type of customizedamusement ridesconsisting of a rotating circular platform in outdoor amusement parks. With smooth surfaces, flying-horse-shaped seats, unicorn elements, and attractive designs, they easily win children’s hearts. Also, the seats are moved up and down through gears by riders, who can use their “weapon” to attack the one in front. If a “horse” is attacked, it will go down immediately and automatically go up after several seconds. The rotating horse, therefore, can be regarded as one of the most popular rides in amusement parks. Each seat is designed for an adult and a kid, or two men whose height is below 1.5 meters. Since every child under 1-meter height requires an adult to accompany, the rotating horse provides some happy bonding time for parents and children.


Cabin number


Equipment height



Max rotation diameter

Flying rotary height


Swing speed

Driving power


Power supply

AC380/50Hz/60Hz, three phase TN-S system

Theory passengers capacity


Occupied area



JUMA Chinais a professional zipline supplier, we provide rotating fairground ridesand zipline for sale.Also JUMAcontinuously devote to developing new ferris wheel rideand exciting projects. Want to know more, please contact us.

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