Flume Ride


The Flume Ride is a water mobile amusement equipment, which is popular in water parks and theme parks. The circuits of the ride can be several hundred meters with at least one peak. The boat will be brought up a lift o the peak of 20 meters or higher track, then rapidly falls along the track and creates a magnificent splash spray. The Flume Ride is the hottest equipment in parks during summer time mostly because of the huge splash which cools people down in the heat.


Flume rides are amusement rides in water parks consisting of boats and water flumes, which vary in gradients and heights (even over 30 meters). These hundred-meter-long rides usually engage at least a lift hill of 20 meters in height, then culminate with a rapid descent and splashdown into a body of water. They are popular in summer for providing people with entertaining ways to get wet and cool off on a hot summer day.

Flume rides are full of thrills, funs, and cooling moments in hot summer. However, commercial grade water slideare totally different from water rafting, a safe and exciting recreational outdoor activity which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water.

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Running height


The total length of the waterway



2 boats



Total power


Running time


Power supply

AC380/50Hz/60Hz, three phase TN-S system

Theory passengers capacity

800 persons/hour

Occupied area


Company Profile

Founded in 1990, JUMA CHINAAmusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company attached to Juma Group. As an amusement equipment manufacturing company, Juma has rich experience in design, production and maintenance of ferris wheel, which is our signature product line. During the last three decades, Juma has grown rapidly and become the largest manufacturer of ferris wheel in China with hundreds of professional staff. In order to present our products and service better to the international market and enhance the business capability, Juma set up Shanghai branch in 2014.

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