If you are looking for custom create your own medal online, Pinstar is your reliable custom medal creator online. We can provide you with high-quality custom printed medals at factory prices. Pinstar is a professional medal making companywho can offer various custom printed medals, such as custom military medals, cheap sports medals, pvc medals, etc. Since 2003, we produced millions of personalized medals and trophies for our customers from 156 countries with creative designers and advanced machinery and equipment. Quality medals with personalized medalsdesigns are made to order.

Customing medals is a great way to recognize the top three in sports, military, or academy. Different military medals, cheap sports medals, and academy medals are ready for your selection. Custom medals for sports events can be designed in metal materials such as gold, silver, and copper to represent the different rankings in a competition.

Pinstar is a professional military medal creator and online medal maker. You can order custom made military medals and other kinds of medals from our online shop. Our professional medal online shop sales will guide you on how to get exactly what you want. If you are looking for a reliable custom medal maker online, don't hesitate to contact us!

Military Medal

Military Medal is a military decoration awarded to personnel of the Army and other services, and formerly also to personnel of other Commonwealth countries, below commissioned rank, for bravery in battle on land.

Sports Medals

With a wide variety of medal designs, sizes, and neck ribbons, you can design a truly memorable customized medal for your next athletic event. We have designed awards in stock for every sport- if you do it, we also support custom your own medal.

PVC Medals

Less expensive and less fuss, colorful and fun, rubber PVC medals are perfect for kids’s races at your event, because they ensure that little ones won’t be hurt by anyone. These are friendly on the budget, but really a real eye catcher.

Eco-friendly soft rubber PVC

2D flat or 3D cubic medal

Religious Medals

Religious medal plays a crucial part in spiritual lives. Today, Catholic medals have become a refined art and are made of quality materials such as gold, silver and pewter.

Blank Medals

Blank medals are a combination of die struck brass and die cast zinc medals. We support engraving or imprinting logo service in various sizes and finishes. You can choose the location of logo, on the front or back of the medal. Our creative designers will help you determine the best options for customization.

Trophy Awards

Making your own CUSTOM LOGO Trophy is fast and easy. Our creative designers will draft FREE artwork with your order. Need a custom logo trophy right now? Contact us.

Service Ribbon

At Pinstar, all kinds of ribbons are able to be customized with your favorite colors and styles to make them work for your next event.

Looking for a top-quality custom medal manufacturer? Pinstar is the online medal maker and medal design maker you can trust. Whether you need custom medals for a marathon, promotion, ceremony, club membership, fundraiser, wedding, or collectible, Pinstar has got you covered.

Looking for a top-quality custom medal manufacturer? Pinstar is the online medal maker and medal design maker you can trust. Whether you need custom medals for a marathon, promotion, ceremony, club membership, fundraiser, wedding, or collectible, Pinstar has got you covered.

We've been making personalized medals in our state-of-the-art factory since 2003, and our custom medals have been shipped around the world for events of all sizes. Our satisfied custom medallion customers include Military, Government, big brands, and even high-profile award ceremonies.

At Pinstar, we understand that custom medals are not one-size-fits-all. That's why we don't offer stock items. Instead, we manufacture custom medals in any shape, size, design, finish, and feature you desire. Our team of true artists and craftsmen approach every custom medal design with fresh eyes, ensuring your order is unique and personal. We even work with your logo and photos, and can turn photographs into three-dimensional medals!

Whether you need a large or small order, our reputation for customer satisfaction is something we take seriously. Our straightforward process includes an art preview and an accurate quote for every custom medal customer, so there are no surprises.

At Pinstar, we work with you to impress you, and we always deliver on our promises. Plus, there's no minimum order required! Choose Pinstar as your custom medallion maker and experience the best in custom military medals, custom religious medals, custom sports medals, and more.

Why Choose Custom Medal Creator Pinstar?

As an experienced custom medal creator, Pinstar keeps providing high-quality custom medals for our customers.

High-quality custom medals can be designed to fit the specific theme or purpose of the event. If you are looking for a reliable custom medal manufacturer to create medals for your event, don't hesitate to contact Pinstar. We are the expert in making different kinds of medals for different events. Our products include custom-made military medals, custom-made sports medals, etc. You can add the event name, date, and other details to the medals, and you can also design your own military/sports ribbon.

Besides, Pinstar provides customized services for medals of different high-quality materials. As a professional custom medal creator, we have rich experience in making medals of different materials, including metal, pvc, etc, which make the medals more durable.

Pinstar, the reliable custom medal manufacturer in China, is proud to produce high-quality customized medals and provide high-quality stock medals for cusomers all over the world. We accept any number of custom medal orders. We have a professional designer team to help you desgin you own medals until you are 100% satisfied.

Start making custom medals from online custom medal maker Pinstar now!

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