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Hay , Actearlier welcome your coming here,custom soccer ball with picturesis our boss main product items . And because soccer ball and he kept his dream alive that we could meet you at this website, I hope you like this website. Feel free to say hey. We will help your.

As you go purchasing a ball, it is important that you make the best choice not just to go along with the federations requirements . The soccer ball sizes available, why they are different, and why choosing the right size for you is important. You will be able to understand what each size has to offer.Soccer balls are rated by their size and the size is measured in inches or centimeters. The standard measurement is by measuring the circumference of the ball.

Normally, Soccer ball surface material have 3 type, PVC , PU , TPU ,Leather thickness 1.0mm-4.0mm, Soccer balls different sizes have different weight. However, the most important aspect for many players is the size. For example ,

Size 1# Soccer Ball: 130g-160g And Size 2# Soccer Ball: 140g-170g , Age group preference: Any age

Size 3# Soccer Ball: 270g-300g , Age group preference: 8 years and younger

Size 4# Soccer Ball: 360g-390g,Age group preference: 8-12 years

Size 5# Soccer Ball: 400g-450g Age group preference: 12 and above

More product information , please visit below product detail.

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