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The glass plate is an important part of the Sany pump truck. Although its volume is small, its technical content and processing cost are very high. At present, glass plate can serve for about 30,000 cubic meters of commercial concrete pumping. In order to improve the service efficiency of the arm gantry pump truck, it is very important to take corresponding measures to improve its service life.

Working characteristics of glasses plate

The eyeglass plate is a part of the S-shaped Sany truck mounted concrete pump distribution valve, connecting to the commodity concrete conveying cylinder. Driven by the swinging oil cylinder, the moving part S pipe swings from one commodity concrete cylinder to the other commodity concrete cylinder. The cutting ring vibrates with the S-tube attached to the eyeglass plate. The quick swing of the cutting ring causes intense wear between the eyeglass plate and the pre-mixed concrete. It also bears the impact of cutting off the stones. It can be seen that the eyeglass plate mainly works at room temperature and bears the impact force, shear force and very strong friction.

The main failure modes of eyeglass plate are wear and fracture failure. The wear between the eyeglass plate and cutting ring is abrasive wear. First, the cutting ring and the hole Angle of the eyeglass plate are blunt, and a smaller circular surface wedge-shaped trace is formed. The wear gap increases with the increase of abrasive particle size. When the gap is large to a certain value, the construction will be affected by severe leakage of the slurry. With the increase of pump height, the impact shear of the eyeglass plate will increase, the wear will be more intense, and it is prone to fracture and collapse.

It can be concluded from the above analysis that the surface of the eyeglass plate should not only have high hardness and wear resistance but also have the certain toughness and high fracture resistance.

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