sodium fluorosilicate; sodium silicofluoride; SSF.CAS:16893-85-9

Product Name:          Sodium Silicofluoride (Sodium Fluorosilicate) SSF

Alias:                   destruxolapplex; disodiumhexafluorosilicate; disodiumhexafluorosilicate(2-);

disodiumsilicofluoride; ens-zemweevilbait;ent1,501;fluosilicatedesodium;


EINECS number:         240-934-8

Density:                 2.68g/ML at 25 °C(lit.)

CAS No:                             16893-85-9

Molecular Formula:              Na2SiF6

Molecular Weight:                188.06

Appearance:               white crystal or crystalized powder.

Purity:                                    98.5%

Place of origin:                      Hubei Province, China

Application:               opal glassware, building materials, sewage treatment, ad

Annual Output::                     8000MT

Hazardous Grade:            6.1

UN NO:                   2674

Packing:                  Plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 25kg.

Loading Capacity of 20GP:  25MT

Delivery Port:                            Yangsi Port, Wuhan City or China Main port




National Standard(%)





 Loss of weight on drying



 Free acid(HCl)



 Chloride (CL)
















Physical Properties

Description:            Dry crystalline non-hygroscopic salt, meeting AWWA StandardB-702,and the NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for Fluoride Fluorosiicate.

Specification Gravity (H2O=1):  2.679

Boiling Point:           Decomposes at 500 °C (932 .F)  

Molecular Weight:      188.05

Solubility in Water:      0.76 grams/100 ml of water @ 25°C    

                           2.45 grams/100 ml of water @ 100 °C

Guaranteed Screens:    ≥89% through 40 mesh

                          ≤25% through 325 mesh

Ph (1% Solution):       3.0-4.5


Application of Sodium Fluorosilicate:

Widely use in opal glassware and lamp pendantlamps production.

Sodium Fluorosilicate is designed for pesticides, milk whitening agent

for enamel, corrosive agent for milk white glass, the anti-corrosive

agent for timber and other fluoride raw materials. It's also used in

smelting of beryllium and aluminum, as well as medicine, rubber, and

leather industries, etc


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