supply activated carbon filter

Introduction--- 20 inch carbon block filter cartridge 10 inch                 


1.Material: activated carbon;


2.Structure: End cover plus skeleton and filter layer;


3.Application: industry. include: pure water, electroplating line, printed circuit board, coating, solvents, detergent, medicine water, oral liquid, pharmaceutical injection, beverage, wine .etc;


4.Function: It can effective move organic matter in liquid , particulate , rust , residual chlorine , peculiar smell . etc.


Work principle--- 20 inch carbon block filter cartridge 10 inch                    


1.The inner most of filter element is PP skeleton use it to strengthen compression strength of filter element;


2.There are two layer PP fiber felt on the skeleton , can stop the more than 10 microns particles which brought out by the liquid through carbon core;


3. Outer sphere of carbon core have two layer PP superfine fiber felt , can stop the more than 10-20 microns particles which in liquid , so the filter element have double function – filtrating and cleansing.


Feature--- 20 inch carbon block filter cartridge 10 inch           


1.activated carbon filter element is a new type deep layer filtrating product;


2.set adsorption , filtration , intercept , catalysis in one body;


3.acid , alkali , salt and different kinds of organic solvent;


4.high filtrating precision , big flow , small differential pressure , high compression strength , big quantity accept dirt . non-toxic , tasteless , non-secondary pollution;


5.Adsorption for benzene 20-25%;


6.Adsorption for Carbon Tetrachloride 50-60%;


7.Adsorption for Methylene Blue 13-16 ml/g;


8.Ash content ≤3.5%;

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