Arbutin is a natural active substance, which is derived from green plants and regarded as a “green, safe, reliable, efficient bleaching” harmonious unity in one of three natural active ingredients.


It is the most popular safe and effective whitening material and also ideal for the twenty-first century skin whitening agent.


Appearance: white needle crystal powder

Specification: 98%

Test method: HPLC

Molecular: C12H16O7

Molecular weight: 272.25

Rotation: +174 to +186

Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol


Experimental data on arbutin’s application in skin-whitening

Many people are afraid of arbutin’s photosensitivity, actually research shows that only over 7%, arbutin possibly is sensitive to light, so 7% is a safe critical point.


The biggest feature is able to active molecules to penetrate base layer to pale spot deeply and has a stronger therapeutic effect on and pigmentation for melasma, dark spots, sunburn, drug allergies.


The persistence of the effect will be weakened, if the concentration is too low. So 5% concentration is the safest and most efficient concentration.


5% concentration is faster and more stable than Vitamin C on Brightening, also stable, with no irritating effect on the skin.



  1. Raw material is 100% from wild, non-pollution, no chemical fertilizer, no pesticide residues.
  2. Strictly produced in GMP workshop by the most advanced ultrasonic continuous countercurrent extraction equipment
  3. No side effect at all


Precautions for usage:

  1. Control PH 5-7 in cream, emulsion, liquid etc, because arbutin easily decompose under acid environment
  2. Add proper antioxidants to prevent discoloration in cosmetics
  3. Promoted arbutin synergies effect by adding the natural vegetable oils, which contain oleic acid linoleic acid
  4. Adding 0.8-1.0% azone, can not only promote the absorption of arbutin, but also prevent precipitation of arbutin on the skin.


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