Application of Expansion shell anchor bolt for complex conditions

In certain situations with soild and fractured rock,intrusion of water,or required a pre-stress,it is necessary to load anchor bolt immediately,Sinorock Expansion shell anchor bolt is a better solution.For corrosion protection and sealing off the instruding Expansion shell anchor bolt injected with grout. 

Expansion shell anchor bolt can be used for permanent support in medium and good rock condition,espiecially in hard rock,rock horizontal bedding,groundwater development situation.It can be applied to prevent slope sliding ,rock bursting and constrution problem. 1.The operation is sample and convenient. 2.The product has active tension.The prestressing force is up to 50KN. 3.It can be operated by one person through using general tools. 4.The operator has full control in the installation process and constrution quality. Installation instruction 1.Drilling and clearing the hole.In order to have a straight and accurate hole,please use cross-cut drill bit. 2.Putting the anchor bar which has installed expansion shell into the bottom of the hole. 3.Giving prestressing force to the anchor bar and making sure the expansion shell fully opened by using specialized tools until reach the design requirement. Expansion shell is very convenient and easy to install,it's suits temporary support and permanent support.It matches with domed plate,nut and domed washer.And they are well suited for use in single or twin grout tube installation due to the minimal rotation the bar undergoes the setting process.


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