soil brick making machine

 New type hydraulic brick machine main features 
1, hydraulic vibration increases, pressure on vibrating, twin afterburner. ----Reaches high density compression, brick Interior does not show cellular. 
2, plus a large petrol stations, built-in strong type cooler. ----Achieve hydraulic oil cooling quickly, extending the service life of hydraulic components, to ensure production stability under high temperature. 
3, sent the trigger for crankshaft Dodge plate sent, send bricks----reaches forming concrete block making the yield is high, not easy to be damaged. 
4, dedicated material feeder----different building <a href="">soil brick making machine</a> of different feedstocks, maintain the strength of brick appearance, density, unity, reunification, and can improve work efficiency. 
5, adjustable control cabinet with automatic and manual two panels together to form a Cabinet----automatic electric plates in cases of sudden reappearance in the production failure, immediately knob to manually panels, production can still be aimed up not down to ensure normalization of production in order to improve efficiency.

Customers' supported products:automatic brick machine,clay brick machine,small brick making machine,auto brick machine,manual brick machine.


至: Auxiliary equipment for brick making machine , what kind of features ?
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soil brick making machine
soil brick making machine
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soil brick making machine
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