DD Type Rubber Fenders

Looking for high quality and low price dd type rubber fenders products from leading dd type rubber fenders manufacturers and suppliers? Please feel free to contact Talent Plastic Chemical Co.,Ltd, we are a professional company with productive factory.DD Type Rubber FendersItemDD100DD150DD200DD250DD300DD350DD400DD500H100150200250300350400500B100150200250300350400500D(Φ)4555556565858597d2527303236404245h4575100125150175200250W5075100125150175200250Bolt SizeM22M24M26M27M30M36M38M42End distance100-150100-150100-150100-150100-150100-150100-150100-150Bolt Pitch350-440350-440325-600325-450325-600325-600350-600400-620Max. length20002000200030003000300030003000KN/m Reaction Force54.9183.2105.7132.2158.4184.8211.2316.8KN-M/m Energy Absorption0.913.504.616.409.5011.216.136.0Deflection40%Reference Weight(kg/m)1022385984115150234Note: 1. D fender also can be installed as shown in figure 1. 2. The round holes are also available, as shown in figure 2 & 3. 3. All bolts are the same diameter. 4. Production in accordance with standard performance and size tolerance.


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