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Looking for high quality and low price floating fenders products from leading floating fenders, floating dock fenders manufacturers and suppliers? Please feel free to contact Talent Plastic Chemical Co.,Ltd, we are a professional company with productive factory.Floating FendersTLT-P Floating Fender The fenders are extremely robust and do not suffer loss of performance even if damaged. On top repair of smaller damages is relatively simple and can be done on site. Feature: 1、Good floating performance, the floating body could be kept at ideal water level, will not be effected by the tide. 2、Installation and repairmen convenient, safety and reliable. 3、Applicable for pier and dock with large tide scope, between ships and emergency purpose. Dimension of Floating Fenders: Fender Sizes(mm)DLCompression 60%Weight Reference(kg)Reaction Force(KN)Energy Absorb(KN-M)φ300×500300500130.4911φ400×600400600181.0519φ500×10005001000382.1842φ600×10006001000493.463φ1000×10001000100013733275φ1000×15001000150020649410φ1000×20001000200027365553φ1200×15001200150025670615φ1200×20001200200033693815φ1500×2500150025005201801550φ1500×3000150030006262171863φ1600×3000160030008602702110φ2000×3500200035009924583850φ2000×40002000400011205064590φ2200×45002200450014026826000φ2500×40002500400014157786860φ2500×50002500500017359928555φ3000×5000300050002060142212850φ3000×6000300060002470170215400φ3300×6500330065002956224816690φ4300×85004300850019012739832000φ4500×90004500900021520673238000Note: (1)Tolerance:±10%     (2)Large model TLT-P floating fender need to be added tire net. (3)Polyurethane, rubber, special plastic etc material can be used.  (4) Resilience modulus will be adjusted to meet the different requirements.


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