Alkyl Ketene Dimer

Alkyl Ketene Dimer (AKD)-Paper Sizing Agent Performance characteristics 1 significantly improves the paper printing surface strength, shortening the curing time, reduce the production cost. 2 completely replace the internal sizing agents are used, and has excellent water resistance. 3 a certain extent extending forming fabric and cloth using life, prolong the cleaning cycle. 4 has excellent mechanical stability, during operation produces bubbles of less. Method of use 1. Dosage: 3-8kg / tons of paper. 2. when in use, will have good starch glue pasting temperature to 65 degrees C below, the liquid adding starch glue pot, stirring evenly on the sizing; or the use of metering pump adding starch glue supply pipeline continuous adding. Packaging and storage 200kg, 1000kg plastic barrels packaging, storage in the shade ( 4-30 C ), avoid freezing and exposure. Storage period: three months


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