Metis strives to be the best anchor bolt manufacturer

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Metis is the high quality anchor bolt manufacturer, meeting clients’ exacting demands for critical applications in hostile environments. Whether for offshore (buoyancy and petrochemical), seawater, pump, tunneling or mining, the demands for an exceptional service and supply is never ending. We believe manufacturing anchor bolt in exotic materials is an art form and it is something we have perfected at Metis.

From the inception of Metis, our company has dedicated our efforts to the Railroad and industrial markets worldwide. We supply a complete line of anchor bolts for your Track Bridges, Grade Crossings, and related applications.

For several years Metis has been supplying our customers with the highest quality anchor bolts.

Metis, manufactures and sells high quality anchor bolts , conducts business in an honest way in its dealings with customers, suppliers and collaborators. Shares the benefits with collaborators and cares about their professional and personal development. To be a leading international anchor bolt manufacturer, that grows and renews itself launching new products, adapts to customers expectations; develops and rewards its employees.

If you already have an engineered design and project specifications, that is, if you know what you need and simply need it installed right, Metis performs geotechnical installations that conform exactly to the plans. Top construction companies have relied on us to build specific portions of their projects for over twenty five years. Why? Because we provide construction services that are compliant and accurate, without deviations.

When you are working with us, you are working with experienced professionals who are seriously committed to helping you solve your problems. Our engineers, project managers, superintendents and field crews are uniquely qualified to respond to your toughest challenges. We work with every client to understand the project objectives, constraints and underlying problems, and we specialize in meeting your technical objectives with the most cost effective means available. Rembco is large enough to tackle big commercial projects, and small enough that you're only a call away from our Owner/President.


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Metis strives to be the best anchor bolt manufacturer
Metis strives to be the best anchor bolt manufacturer
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Metis strives to be the best anchor bolt manufacturer
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