Oil Pump Gerotor

The gerotor is used for gerotor pump,Website:http://www.dewin-powdermetallurgy.com, postive displacement pump, also named gear pump, internal gear pump. It consists of the inner rotor and outer rotor. Inner rotor has X teeth, outer rotor has X+1 teeth.We manufacture it by sintering (Powder Metallurgy) technology, the sizes are provided by mould, powder pressing at first, sintering and then do coining, grinding, heat treatment.Density: 6.4-7.0 g/cm³Hardness: HRC 25-40 Common material: DIN 30910 Sint C10 & D39DesignationFeCuCNiMoSint C10Balance1-5%<0.3%Sint D39Balance1-3%0.3-0.9%1-5%<0.6%  For some types, we will do machining on two ends before final grinding to reach high precision, the possible runout of end surfaces can reach 0.03 mm.Quality control system of oil pump gerotor:Work instruction paper and pictures at each working positionProcess flow card with each tray (Fully traceability)Sampling inspection and routing inspectionTS:16949 5 tools: PPAP, APQP, FMEA, SPC, MSADimensional report as per your requirement by CMM, projector, etc


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