FEP Powder

FEP PowderFEP coating powder has extraordinary properties, such as high apparent density, excellent fluidity, and thermal stability and leveling property. It can be coated on the surface of a variety of metals with the thickness of 0.1~0.15mm for each coating layer. The product also has good re-coating ability. It is always used as anti-stick and anti-corrosive coating.1. Brief details:AppearanceCharacteristicsProcessing methodApplicablethicknessWhite powderHigh-purity, clearElectrostatic coating100~300μm2. Characteristic of powder:PropertiesUnitSpecificationMelt flow index(MFI)g/10min0.8~27Melting point0C265-275Densityg/cm30.5~0.93. Coating process:Degreasing (Remove stains such as oil and grease on the surface of the base material)→ Surface Roughening(Sandblast)→ Applying primer(Primer layer : 80~90°C×10 min or more)→ Applying FEP powder for electrostatic coating(Recoating)→ Sintering(sintered temperature range 320~350°C.)→ Cooling(Water, air, and furnace cooling are applicable.)﹡Recoating : 50~100μm per each coating.    ﹡Midterm Burning 340~350°C ×15~30min; Final Burning 320~340°C ×1~3h.


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