EP Conveyor Belt

EP polyester fabric core conveyor beltFabric conveyor beltsFeature:Layer of specially designed fabric piles are sandwiched between rubber skim coats for adhesion and load support. Top and bottom cover compounds are added for maximum protection of the belt carcass . Belts can be manufactured according to various international grades. Belt applications involve in all kinds of industries such as mines,Website:http://www.yanzhoujiandes.com, power plants, construction, ports, chemical industries.Technical Parametersproduct compositionSkeleton force body for EP canvas (with polyester, longitudinal transverse for nylon), covering up and down in a variety of different cover rubber after vulcanization.product rangeTensile strength : 80~3000N/mm Belt width: 500~3200mmFeature & Benefits1)Small elongationSkeleton material and rubberized fabric design method of layered fabric core conveyor belt with smaller elastic and permanent elongation. Tension can be reduced by this and it can reduce the amount of joint. The customer can contact us to specific delivery system calculation for elastic and permanent elongation.2)High modulus, high-cost performanceBy the adoption of high tenacity polyester fiber, zonal using polyamide fiber, conveyor belt can achieve higher modulus and excellent performance into a groove.3)Cover types and the thickness can have a variety of choicesFor different applications, we have heat-resisting, wear-resisting, cross crack resistance, flame retardant, cold-resistant rubber cover type and thickness are available.


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