Standard Construction Type Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Standard construction type steel cord conveyor belt Product composition:Steel cord conveyor belt is composed of single wire rope of the same diameter arranged according to certain spacing,Website:, twisting around and white, up and down repeatedly in different properties of the plastic core, plastic cover, after vulcanization. If you have special need, you can add transverse laceration resistant fabric mesh, wire mesh or buried coil, prevent tape horizontal tear or covered with special performance of rubber cover, and then made into different performance of steel cord conveyor belt.Product schematic diagramFeatures & Benefits1)Zinc Galvanized Open Type Steel CordDesign and choose the best high strength galvanized steel wire rope, assurance and core glue good bonding strength. Contitech selects its cord construction to provid the best specification for a particular application, which is made up of multiple strands of wire, conducive to infiltration of the rubber,, important protective layer formed corrosion resistance, also can get higher coupling efficiency.2)High Tension CapabilitiesSteel cord conveyor belt handle the most demanding applications and design the strongest belt to meet the growing demand for long overland systems.3)Limited Take –up TravelSteel cord conveyor belt handle the most demanding applications and design the strongest belt to meet the growing demand for long overland systems.Shandong Contitech belts elongate a maximum of 0.25%at a rated tension. This allows lower cost take-up system on many applications, and makes belts the preferred choice for long overland and short stacker/reclaiming systems. Where minimum elongation in critical.4)Long Splice lifeOver proven splicing methods, validated dynamic splice tester, rest in dynamic splice efficiencies in excess of 50% rating defined in DIN 22131 Part 3.With proper technique, splices on belts should last the life of the belt.5)High Impact ResistanceAdvanced cover compounds and tie guns superior adhesion combine to provide the good impact.  tear and rip resistance your applications demand.6)Lower Cost-per-TonFewer conveyor and splices, shorter take-up, and reduced belt inventory. Longer belt ,longer splice life, and reduced downtime. it all adds up to the lower cost-per-ton of material conveyed ,which can make a major improvement in your bottom line.


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