Single Stage Hot Coal Gas Gasifier

Single stage hot gas station Φ1.5 m ~Φ4.0 m single stage coal gasifierSINGLE—;STAGE COAL GASIFIER TECHNICAL PARAMETERspecificationparameter itemspecification of coal-gasifierφ1.5Mφ2.0Mφ2.4Mφ2.6Mφ3.0Mφ3.2MGasifier bodyDia.of chamber(mm)150020002400260030003200Chamber cross-section area(m2)1.7673.1424.5245.3097.0688.042fuelMax coal consumption(kg/h)5009501350160021502500speciesAccording to GB9143-88 standard;Anthracite、Non-caking coal、Lignite、Coking coalCoal particle size(mm)13~25,Website:,25~50 GasTheory output(Nm3/h)1150~17502000~31503000~50004900~70004900~70005900~8000Heating value range(KJ/Nm3)5230~6060basic ingredient(%)CO:≥25;H2:12~18;CH4:1~3;N2: 45~50;O2:0~0.4;CO2: 4~8functionintensify of gasification(kg/m2h)anthracite:≈200 soft coal:≈300  coke:≈180rate of gasification(Nm3/kg)anthracite:3.0~3.5  soft coal:3.0~3.5  coke:≈4.0diameter of steam pocket * length(mm)φ600×;1500φ800×;1650φ1000×;2200Technological processDrum air blower of air and the occurrence of a furnace body water clip 0.294mpa set of self-produced steam by the control valve, setting the ratio of mixed regulation merged into saturated air (gasifying agent), through the check valve into the furnace. In the furnace after at the bottom of the gas furnace grate uniform wind, the ash heat heating of the reverse downward into the fire gasification layer (1000 to 1200 DEG C) and hot carbon gasification reaction occurs, the heat of formation crude gas to new furnace coal drying and from the gas occurrence furnace outlet is derived, the exit gas temperature ranging from 500 to 600 DEG C, the main component for CO, H2, CO2, N2. Where CO and H2 are the active components of the gas, which belong to the heating gas, N2 is the air component of the gasification agent. Gasifier bed height is 1.3m ~ 1.8m, from top to bottom can be divided into ash layer, gasification layer, reaction layer, dry distillation layer. Into the furnace of coal after crushing, screening, size 13 ~ 25mm, 25 to 50, or 40 ~ 60mm, through the skew bridge by coal hoisting device added to double bell cover coalbox. The coal distributor into the furnace.Purification treatmentBy the gas occurrence furnace production of crude and hot gas (temperature of 500 to 600 DEG C) first by gravity dust collector, the large particle dust in the gas by weight part fall into the bottom tube, and then entered with the water seal isolation of cyclone further dust, the secondary dust removing gas by coal gas pipeline transported to gas.Single stage hot gas station process flow diagram 


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