Normal Hexane 60%

Specifications n-HEXANE 60%,80%,90%,95%,97%,98%,99% CAS NO 110-54-3 FORMULA C6H14 MOL WT. 86.18 H.S. CODE :2901.10 Product Property Specification(s) Standard Results Spec(s) Method Density (20°C) g/ cm3 0.655-0.681 0.672 GB/T1884 GB/T1885 Odor No residual odor No residual odor GB17602 Bromine index (mg/100g) ≤10 10 GB/T11136 Color, saybolt +30 +30 GB/T3143 Non-volatile matter (mg/100ml) ≤1 0.3 GB17602 Aromatics (ppm) ≤10 10 Q/SYDL0081-2001 Water (ppm) ≤200 50 GB/T11133 Sulfur (ppm) ≤2 1 SH/T0253-92 Normal hexane(%) ≥60 63 Q/SYDL0081-2001 Distillation-5%(°C) ≥65 66.7 GB/T6536 Distillation-95%(°C)


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