Weak Cationic Softe Flake ESC

Product Information【Product Name】Weak Cationic Softe Flake ESC【Introduction】 It is high polymer lipid softener【Advantage】 (1) Good soft and fluffy feeling,Website:http://www.runhechemical.com, have certain smooth porperty(2) Can use together with silicone softener to improve fluffy volume(3) Can improve the effect of hair with high thick fuzz oil, shorten the time of hair 【Basic Character】Appearance: Tiny yellow to light yellow flakesIonic:Weak CationicSolid content: 100%Dilution Appearance(1 to 10): Rice white flowed emulsion【Application】Cotton fabric, linen fabric, denim garment washing【Usage amount for reference 】 Dilute method: see next page(1)Dipping Process: Dilution   5~10 %( o.w.f)(2)Padding Process: Dilution   20~60g/l【Package】25Kg/Bag【Storage】Waterproof, prevent extrusion, stacking height should not exceed 8 layer, unfavorable temperature above 35 ℃,. One year of storage periodSuggestion: Dilution should be finished one-time , if not, must be sealed.Dilute methodDilute to 10% solution:Soft flake ESC:100KGWater:900KGGlacial acetic acid:4KGDilute process:1.Add 400kg water to reactor, heating to 55℃~65℃;2.Add soft flake ESC while stirring, fully stir for 30minutes;3.When soft flake ESC fully dissolved, add rest 500kg water for one time;4.Add glacial acetic acid, fully stir for 10 minutes, tested by PH paper, use glacial acetic acid to adjust PH value around 6, filter and packing.


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