Liquid Silicone Rubber For Insole

Liquid Silicone Rubber for Insole RH-G11Product Name:Liquid Silicone Rubber for Insole RH-G11Advantage and Usage:This product is made by addition reaction,Website:, middle temperature solidified liquid silicone glue.High transparency. Easy de-moulding. Soft, environmental protection, friendly human physiology.Has good shock absorption, anti-skid, healthcare effects to be used in silicone rubber insole,medical care insole,etc.Character: Appearance:  Half- transparentViscosity(25℃,Pa.s) of component A: 15-25Viscosity(25℃,Pa.s) of component B: 15-25Mixing rate of component A and B:  1:1Operability time: 24 hours in common temperatureVulcanization temperature: 80℃-150℃Standard vulcanization time: 5min/150℃Vulcanization time: 30-50min/80℃Hardness: 6-10Tensile strength:8-9MpaExtension rate: 200-550%Tearing strength:3.5-10KN/mOperability time and Standard vulcanization time can be adjusted by the customer’s requirements, the same as other Using method;1. Mix A and B at a rate of 1:1 in container, stir quickly to even.2. Vacuum degassing to ensure there is no bubble to get the transparent fluidy liquid rubber.3.Pour the mixed transparent fluidy liquid rubber to the mold of the sole.4.Then solidify in oven or other heating equipment at the temperature of  120℃ for 10 minutes. (or 5min/150℃,or 30-  50min/80℃)5. After the above procedure,the rubber will be cured,and you can get the sole.Note: Prepare for immediately use according to the dosage.Start from small dosage to know the using skill.We can also adjust the operation time and curing time according to client’s demand. The other specifications can be adjusted according to client’s request.Storage and attention:1.Avoid the products contact with the compound containing N,P,S,Sn catalyst,etc  2.Avoid moisture which will reduce the lifetime.3, Validity period is more than 6 months, it can continue to be used after the validity period if the test result is up to the standard.Package:20Kg/Barrel.. Transport as non-dangerous goods.


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