Cation Softener Flakes ESD

Product Information【Product Name】Softener ESD【Advantage】 (1) Endow fibre soft,Website:, smooth and clear handle feeling, excellent anti-wrinkle property.(2) It can be in the same bath with cationic fixative. (3) The stability of formulated working liquid is good【Basic Character】Appearance: Beige tiny pieceIonic: Weak CationicPH Value: 4.5~6.5(10% water solution)CAS No.: 69896-13-5【Application】Soft and fluffy finish of nature fibre, its blended knitting and tatting textiles and garment【Usage amount for reference 】 Dissolution method: 1.Dissolve by cold water:according the rate of 6%~10%(1 time ESD, 9~15times cold water), stir it for 5-10minutes, when the solution become thickness, flake ESD become white and soft, and the ESD dissolve in the solution evenly, stop stirring, then standing for 1-3 hours, can use it as normal softener.2.Dissolve by hot water: according the rate of 6%~10% to add cold water, dipping for 5-10 minutes, stir and gradually heating to 40℃-60℃, flake ESD and dissolve completely, become milky white cream to use/(1)Dipping Process: 10% Softener ESD     2-5 %( o.w.f)(2)Padding Process: 10% Softener ESD     15-40g/l【Notice】Waterproof, prevent extrusion, stacking height should not exceed 8 layer, unfavorable temperature above 35 ℃, the shade for a year【Package】25Kg/Bag


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