vinyl Phenyl Silicone Resin

Within those famous vinyl phenyl silicone resin manufacturers and suppliers in China, RUNHE is the most reliable. You are welcomed to wholesale low price vinyl phenyl silicone resin from our factory and check the quotation with us.Vinyl Phenyl Silicone MQ ResinProduct Name:Vinyl Phenyl Silicone MQ ResinSpecifications: AppearanceTransparent liquidViscosity2000-200000cpsVolatile content (150C,3h)≤1.0%Density0.8900-0.9805M/Q Rate0.8-2.1Vinyl Contents0.6-12 wt%Refractive index1.4500~1.5500Note: We have several regular models,please contact us for more details.     Special property:The reliability of LED is 30% decided by the chip and 70% decided by the encapsulation. The Vinyl Phenyl Silicone Resin is used in LED and the encapsulation protection of the Electronic and electrical components.1.High film hardeness after cured2.Good transmission of light.3.Low light decay.4.Anti-yellowing and ageing-resistance.5.Low shrink and small moisture absorption rate.6.It has excellent adhesion to PPA,PCB,electrical components,ABS,metal. Excellent mechanical and electrical insulating property. 7.Good solvent and water resistance,excellent ablation and radiation resistance.8.Low carbon content,good high temperature resistance,and no smoking as heated.9.Almost no tackifying;the low M/Q resin has silimar reinforcing result to white carbon black;the high M/Q resin has good light transmission,but reinforcing result compares worse.Usage:(1).LED coating and encapsulating.(2)The shell encapsulating materials of electronic and electrical components and parts for moisture-proof, anti-dust,corrosive proof,shock resistance,and sealings,and for the increasement of service performance and parameter steadiness.  (3)Insullac:impregnated coil;impregnated glass colth and casing pipe;bonded mica insulation,electronic element protection.


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