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Hengyi Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional portable uv lamp manufacturer, factory, plant and supplier, we are always at your service.The UV curing machine2000 w x 1 lamp uv radiation equipmentHY2KW400MM220V (power supply, light box fission machine)UV curing machine structure Model:2KW400MM220VLamp box Size:510*160*250(mm)Power box size:460*165*210(mm)operating conditions Temperature  0-35℃   85% belowPower pressure : Single phase AC220V ±6%Frequency: 220VRated powder : below 1500WPowder:2000WEffective shine distance 5-15cmExhaust fan model: MB1040-DBox color: black1 power switch: power ON/OFF 2 UV lamp switch; 3 lamp lights; 4 ammeter; 5 light box cooling fan; 6 the handle; 7 power source host link line; 8 power plug (please install more than 16 a socket) 9 light box base link; 4. The operation and adjustment 4-1 before use 1: before the installation of the equipment to determine the appearance and shape equipment in the transport equipment Damage or deformation. Complete inspection equipment and accessories. Check equipment if there is a loose screw. 4-2 operating procedures 1: start the program 1 to confirm input power for single-phase AC220V ground wire is normal. 2 open the box and the base of link buckle. 3 open power master switch, see the panel light is normal. 4 open the UV lamp switch, UV lamp startup ammeter displays current at this time. 5 after the lights up the UV machine, automatic exhaust during a certain period of time (about 2 minutes) As normal. Turn off the lights at the back of the wind automatically delay work, automatically shut after cooling. 6 UV machine open preheating can normal production after 4 minutes.5. Maintenance1) in order to prolong the service life of equipment, advice once every 30 days to check the maintenance equipment, throughout the year Check the equipment should be single size. Listen to equipment noise change if there is a sound, Exhaust is obstructed. 2) reflective material inside the furnace to mirror aluminum, when on the aluminium dust and dirt, no Can a cloth or dissolving agent is wiped, cannot use chemicals to clean, correct way is gas Body blow to attachments, please replace the parts if necessary. 3) equipment in line if there is no professional, can't change at will. 6. Warning notice Note 6-1 1) equipment run time can't convert the UV lamp power. 2) don't direction of rotation of the fan to be consistent with the direction of arrow. 3) the UV lamp is turned off to interval 5 minutes or so to start again. 4) if the production of products for flammable materials. Please note that the furnace temperature and the speed of production, Lest produce open flame. 6-2 warning 1) please read the instructions before using the machine. 2) eyes cannot in the absence of protection, looking directly at the UV light. Severe cases will be blind. The line in3) equipment in high voltage maintenance notice. 4) please do not put hand in transmission parts so as to avoid danger. 7. Matters needing attention 7-1 lamp matters needing attention or go out in the process of lighting lamp, lamp is very hot, so please do not use hand, skin contact, etc. (otherwise may cause burns) this bulb, please specify with the company's power supply device and irradiation device. (otherwise may cause overheat, smoke, not bright, breakage, etc.) do not use as a general lighting. (otherwise you will cause harm to the eyes, skin) please be careful not to drop, hit on other objects, cut tube. In addition, using the abandoned when the tubes Don't damage. (otherwise may cause damage, injury, etc.) light lamp, please installation is firm, in addition, do not use where there is vibration and impact. Tumbling (otherwise) when lead terminal connected to the tubes, please tighten, lest cause poor contact. (light, otherwise may cause not overheat, smoke, etc.) not normal light on and off (e.g., etc.), please immediately cut off the power supply, light source lamp replacement. (otherwise may cause voltage stabilizer burned, wiring or equipment insulation aging, overheat, smoke, etc.) The attention hand-held lamp, please use clean gloves or gauze, or with both hands holding on both ends of the base. tube wall with dirt, please use alcohol to wipe.please don't overuse, it is suggested that even if the lamp light in the life time of less than, also want to have the spare. to discard after use tubes, please explain to appropriate industrial waste treatment unit} {the product contain mercury with customers The entrusted processing.7-2 equipment considerations 1) in the process of the light source light will send a strong ultraviolet ray, so do not look directly. Also note the strong The reflected light. WarningOtherwise may cause sore eyes, visual disturbances, etc. Please wear special uv protection glasses. 2) need to use occasions, please wear long sleeve clothes, avoid direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays on the skin. WarningUltraviolet (uv) light has harm to the skin, not direct illuminate on the skin. 3) the machine UV light to produce heat, so when open the UV lamp can work in about 2 minutes when Shut down after the UV light to open another 5 minutes after cooling to open again. The attention The UV lamp will produce a small amount of ozone in the work, will waste gas emitted 4) UV lamp life for 800 / hour. When using after 800 hours, the energy of the UV lamp began slide At this point need to replace the UV lamp (please change according to the standard model). The attention Please don't overuse tubes, it is suggested that even if the lamp light in a life time to time Inside, also want to have spare supplies. 5) the UV equipment in working condition when the UV light energy and heat and the speed of conveyor belt into reverse The higher the ratio, UV light energy The slower transmission speed of net belt The higher the heat. 6) the UV equipment chain conveyor belt material for stainless steel, can work under the condition of no lubricating oil, Can don't have to call the conveyor lubricant when maintenance in the future, if there is noise in the future work But with I company, to provide the special lubricating oil. 7) will produce radiation, UV machine work need to take special safety glasses.


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